Features overview of tumblr bot:

  • The bot is hosted online and work on a dedicated server
  • No need to keep your computer turned on
  • No environment specific bugs
  • No need to install any software
  • Trial period for 7 days without any restrictions
  • Follow certain blogs using all your accounts
  • Follow blogs recently active using a certain tag
  • Follow only blogs that already following you
  • Follow blogs who reblogged or liked certain posts
  • Follow blogs using random or specific parameters
  • Unfollow a certain blog using all your accounts
  • Unfollow blogs already following your blogs
  • Unfollow blogs you are following
  • Unfollow blogs that are not following back after some days
  • Unfollow limit per run
  • White list blogs that should not be unfollowed
  • Like a certain post using all your accounts
  • Like posts that were lately posted using a certain tag
  • Like different posts on blogs that lately posted with a certain tag
  • Schedule post liking
  • Unlike post limit with each run
  • Schedule posting or posting RSS feeds
  • Build blacklists of users who should not be followed
  • Build blacklists of users who should not be reblogged
  • Build blacklists of users who should not be liked
  • Use public or private proxies with each of your
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I can't for the life of me figure out what to do with this 😀 Any instructions would be great !